Gaya Street Sunday Market

Every Sunday the whole length of Gaya Street is closed down for one purpose, the Gaya Street Sunday Market.

Vegas Bar & Grill

vegas bar & grill interior

A warm and relaxed atmosphere are what one feels the moment one steps into Vegas Bar & Grill. It has a simple but well planned interior, that used warm lights and rattans chair with red ribbon to brighten up the main section of the room. While the window tables and seats adopted a different setting from the main section, and two tables are located at the corner for those who need a bit of privacy.

prawn cocktail

Western cuisine is the main fare on the menu at Vegas Bar & Grill. Beef, chicken, fish and lamb are the few selection for one to choose from. Salads, soups, appetizers, burgers, and sandwiches, are served here. There are also some hawker style cooking like fried noodle and fried rice.

vegas bar & grill

Vegas Bar & Grill is located at ground floor of the Multi Storey Carpark Complex at Jalan Damai Point, which is just next to the Damai Commercial Centre. From Kota Kinabalu City to the Damai Commercial Centre will take about 10 to 15 minutes drive depending on the traffic.

Lok Kawi Wildlife Park

lok kawi wildlife park entrance

The Lok Kawi Wildlife Park covers about 280 acres of land, and at the moment 60 acres of the land have been utilized for the wildlife park and the botanical garden. The park has more than 100 species of mammals including birds, which are kept in captivity. Animals like the Bornean Pygmy Elephants, Orangutans, Proboscis Monkey, Borneo's Rhino and Sun bear, which are native to Sabah, they are the main attraction here. The park is jointly developed and managed by the Sabah Wildlife and the Forestry Department. Located about 25km away from Kota Kinabalu City, the Lok Kawi Wildlife Park can be easily accessible by either the old Penampang-Papar road via Donggongon town or the Putatan-Papar road.

Bornean Pygmy Elephant is the world's smallest elephant. DNA anlaysis showed that Borneo's elephants were isolated about 300,000 years ago from their cousins on mainland Asia. Since then, the elephants become smaller with relatively large ears, longer tails and straight tusks. Bornean Pygmy Elephants are also known to be rather tame and mild-tempered compared to others Asian elephants.

borneo pgymy elephants

The Waterfront Kota Kinabalu


Every day around the late afternoon the Waterfront begins to come alive, as workers come to set up their premises and the chefs start to prepare their special Ala carte. By evening the whole place will be bustling with people looking for a great dinning experience from the many restaurants at the Waterfront.

Mount Kinabalu Heritage Resort and Spa

new chalets

At the foothill of Mt. Kinabalu, lies this beautiful valley called Kundasang, with an average altitude of 5,000 to 6,000 feet, is one of the highest small town in Malaysia. Kundasang is famous for its temperate vegetation, one gets to view many of these farm lands along the main road. Kundasang also boasts one of the highest Golf course in the world, rounds are mostly play in the morning because by the afternoon the clouds would have cover up most of the course. There is also this Kundasang War Memorial next to the shoplots that attracts many visitors every year. Not far one can also find busy market trading in vegetables and flowers.

more chalets

Mount Kinabalu Heritage Resort and Spa is built on top of a hill just next to the Kundasang township. Previously the resort was under the Perkasa Hotel group. The resort also has one of the best view of Mt. Kinabalu and the surrounding valley. With the addition of the new chalets and the refurnished main building of the resort done last year, Mount Kinabalu Heritage Resort and Spa can easily be considered the finest resort around the Kundasang area.

mt. kinabalu view from the resort

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