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Clarence's Home Grill Steak House

The Lintas Plaza is some 15 minutes drive away from Kota Kinabalu, and is an eatery heaven when night falls. Clarence's Home Grill is one of the fine restaurants at Lintas Plaza that offers a nice and cool atmosphere for fine dinning. It has a very English interior design. Wooden tables and chair, red and black checker table cloths, nice wall pictures, quiet atmosphere, and very soft lighting. All these make Clarence's Home Grill a wonderful place to enjoy a hearty Western Cuisine.

Fatt Kee (Fish-Mixed Specialist)

A must try fish mixed specialist at the Hilltop Commercial area, 6 km away from Kota Kinabalu.

Moroli River (Fish Therapy)

Moroli River Fish Therapy is the latest tourists attractions in Sabah.Hat off to the village people of Luanti Baru near Ranau town for in the year 2006, they had won the much coveted prize, the best River Care Award in Malaysia. It is not a simple achievement as there are more than 364 river catchment communities competing for the honour in the whole of Malaysia. With the prize money and the effort of the village community, they have turned the Moroli river into Sabah latest and most unique tourist attraction which is fish therapy by the river.


Kedai Restoran Kuo Man


Located along Jalan Tuaran and about one and half mile away from Kota Kinabalu, Kedai Restoran Kuo Man is no doubt one of Kota Kinabalu best noodle houses. Established more than 30 years ago, this little shop at Sunny Garden has been the talk of town for years for it's wonderful home made noodle.

Kota Kinabalu a Seafood Paradise

cascading aquariums

Sabah, also known as The Land Below The Wind, is the northern most state of Malaysia. Situated at the northern part of the Borneo Island, two third of Sabah's border is made up of coastal land. The west coast of Sabah is washed by the waters of South China Sea, and the north-Sulu Sea and while the east coast-the Celebes Sea.

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