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Greenland Hotel

The clean and nice budget hotel at the heart of Kudat town.

Nabalu Lodge (2008)

A nice, small, and cosy lodge beside the busy vegetable market at Kundasang.

The Cottage Hotel

The Cottage Hotel is new, clean, and nice.

The Cottage Hotel will be celebrating its first anniversary in the coming month, and it is still working hard to establish itself as a major player among the other hotels and resorts in and around Kundasang. Travellers normally will not notice this rather new hotel, as it is not built beside the Tuaran to Ranau road. Located about 1km away from Kundasang Town, and along the small road that leads to the Mesilau Resort, The Cottage Hotel is nestled right in the heartland of the Kundasang farming communities. This location allows guests at The Cottage Hotel an overview of the beautiful vegetable farm lands below, as well as the scared Mt. Kinabalu above, together with its jagged peaks. The year round temperature at night is around 18 degrees Celsius.

Tune Hotel

Fancy of having a five Star sleeping experience, but only paying for a one star hotel price? If the answer is yes, then Tune Hotel is the place. Savvy travellers who spend the whole day exploring, and only back at their hotel for a clean, comfortable, safe environment, and a decent night sleep will find Tune Hotel very pleasing indeed, and it does not burn a hole in their pockets.

Australia Place

australia place

An Australia Place in Kota Kinabalu? Yes! there is. The Australia Place is located at foothill of Signal Hills near the Atkinson Clock Tower next to the old police station. This is the few places of modern Kota Kinabalu City that is not on the reclaim land. The jungle beside the australia place has remain undisturbed for many years, and monkeys still inhabit in this area. The place was so named, as this was the place where the Australian soldiers camped when they landed here some 60 years ago, toward the end of second world war. The name has fondly remained unchanged till today.

another view of australia place

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