Malaysia has been mentioned as one the best 9 countries in the world to visit during the year 2008 by Lonely Planet. Sabah, the darling of Malaysia, has a wealth of Nature Paradise to offer to the travellers.

Tropical jungle, wild animals, nature beauty, white sandy beaches, diving paradise, sport adventure, enchanting seafood, friendly people: these are the main attractions that draw travellers from all around the world to this beautiful land called Sabah, also known as the Land Below The Wind.

Located at latitude N 4° to 7° and longtitude E 115° to 117°, Sabah has a tropical climate which means summer all year round. The seasons here is government by the monsoons. Sabah is an eco-treasures paradise from mountain high to deep ocean, and couple with the relaxing pace of its people, probably is the best place in Asia to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Some highlights on Sabah most fascinating destinations and interesting things to do:

Sabah Park
Mt. Kinabalu

Sabah most visited destination has to be Mt. Kinabalu, since becoming Malaysia's first world heritage site in the year 2001, many people around the world have climbed to the summit of Mt. Kinabalu, at 4093 metre.

No climbing experience is needed to scale this mountain, just 2 days and an average fitness will do. Watching sunrise at Low Peak, the highest point of Mt. Kinabalu, has been an unforgetable experience for the climbers. Also many have come to enjoy the cool air of Kinabalu Park HQ, and take a leisure walk around the forest to look for the many fauna and flora at the park.

Poring Hot Spring

Located at the lower altitude of the Kinabalu Park, and at the eastern end, Poring is famous for its hot spring. Soaking at the Japanese style bath tubs are the most popular activites here. Many claim that the sulphur enriched mineral water is very good for the skin. The canopy walk about 20 minutes away from the bathing area is also very popular with the tourists. Where walking at 40 metres up on the trees top, visitors get to experience life at the canopy of this dense forest. Also very popular at Poring Hot Spring is the Butterflies farm.

Pulau Tiga

Pulau Tiga is made famous by the popular reality show survivor, the venus was chosen for its unique feature of wilderness and couple with beautiful beaches. There is only one resort at Pulau Tiga, which also arrange the boat ride to the island. Volcano mug bath is one of the most interesting thing to do here, while snorkelling and scuba dive are also popular.

Scuba Diving

Sabah is the scuba diving paradise of south east Asia. There are so many dive sites and islands to choose from and one can spent months to finish all these sites. With the tropical climate of Malaysia, which mean summer all year round, scuba diving is a year round activities.

Sipadan and Mabul

Mention about scuba diving, Sipadan and Mabul easily top the list in Malaysia. Sipadan Island is famous for its wide variety of fish and turtles. The corals at Sipadan is equally stunning. Since 2005 resorts are no longer allow to operated in Sipadan Island for conservation purpose; many resorts had moved and set up base at Mabul, which is only 30 minutes from Sipadan Island. Mabul Island is speacilised in marco diving, many small creatures like nudi branch, frogfish, and also home to the famous mandarin dargon fish.

Mataking and Kapalai

About 40 minutes from Semporna by boat, one reach this tiny island called Mataking. Wall diving is the main feature at Mataking Island, and like Mabul, Mataking island is also very popular with marco diving, sea creature like nudibranch and frogfish.

Kapalai is not an island, but a reef that is submerge by the sea most of the time. The Kapalai resort is built on top of the reef, and one cannot but wonder at this beautiful site, where the Kapalai Resort comes out from no way and appear in the middle of the sea. Resort guess can just jump out from the resort and start descending to the ocean floor.


Since Borneo Island had been separated from the Asia Mainland millions of years ago, many of the animals in Borneo has evolved differently from the mainland (Asia) species.

Proboscis Monkey

Most unique of these animals is the Proboscis Monkey, which has a pot belly, and the male spots a very long nose. They can be spotted at the Kinabatangan River and the Kilas penisular. There are many well organised tour companies in Sabah that bring tourists to these places.

Sepilok Orang Utan

But it is the Orang Utan which stole our heart, as they are probably the closest relative to us in the animal kingdom. Their movement and actions are so similar to us that make us wonder how similar we are. In Sepilok Sandakan, Sabah has one of the world biggest orang Utan sanctuary. Many tourists around the world come to visit these lovely orang utans daily.

Many of the Orang Utan habitat has been destroy because of human activites. Do spare a though for this gentle creature, for in not fault of them but many of them has been perish.

Lok Kawi Wildlife Park

For those who do not have the time to visit the interior for wildlifes spotting, Lok kawi Wildlife Park which is 25 mintues away from Kota Kinabalu, offer travellers a great opportunity to see them all at one place. Elephant, orang utan, probosicis monkey, sun bear, and the rhino are the popular crowd pleaser here.

Flowers and Plants

Rafflesia flower

Sabah is home to the world largest flower, namely Rafflesia Flower. This flower can only be found at shadowing and humid area in the forest. It takes 9 months or more to blossom, and after that the flower will last only a few more days. As the rotten smell of this larger than life flower attract many small creature to dine on it. Check out with the park rangers before heading up to crocker range for Rafflesia sighting, at Tambunan Rafflesia Centre. Rafflesia flowers (seasonal). can also be found at Poring Hot Spring.

Sabah Arigculture Park

Located in the heartland of Sabah, at Tenom, Sabah Agriculture Park has one of the most beautiful gardens in the region. Over 400 orchid species found in Borneo are planted in a 2 acres Native Orchid Centre. There is even a Living Crop Museum, where as many as 400 plant species are planted based on their uses.

At the Ornamental Gardens there is a collection of 21 gardens landscape, like Cactus Garden, Hoya Garden, and the oriental Garden, visitors have a lot of amazing flower and plants for their picture albums.

Sabah Tea

One of Sabah up most popular products is no doubt Sabah Tea. The sabah tea plantation is located at the high land on crocker range at an altitude of 700 metre.

Getting here and away by air

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